Packaging Machinery
Y35A Automatic Packaging Maching (2L 982243707)
Provided with the function of automatic carton feeding, counting and can aligment, this machine can pack 800 can perminute with speed adjustment automatically, which is the intelligent packaging machine.
1. From production line, passing through the conveyor, the machine is equipped with sensors to count and detect that the cans are in proper formation, after which the cylinder will pass it on to the carton overlay area.
2. Carton stacking area is very high and is accurate in delivering every sheet.
3. When the cans are pass on to the carton overlay area, packing immediately commence--speedily and precisely.
4. Control box is equipped with Janpanese made computer unit, each command reponse is quick and efficient. Swiss switches are use to maintain lasting operation(up to 300,000 times)
5. The system uses U.S. Nordson hot glue applicator series Bravura.
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