Company Profile
Yuhou was founded by a professionals and technical team over 20years in the package industry field . Especially , based on professional developing research technical & hearty service .
Our production line includes liquid filling & capping (cans) package . Filling machines¡¦ range: Chemical items ¡¥ medicines ¡K. Etc.
Mechanical functional is based on high ¡Vlow consistency . All of these mechanical can de developed in accordance to user¡¦s requirement . Both of semi-automatic & automatic are available on our lines.
Since 1985 , Yuhou foused on automatic package developing .From the very beginning of capability of 15CT / per min. to currently wisdom model , the capability has been improved to 35CT/per min.
The technical of developing is absolutely high quality at package filed .
Besides , Yuhou involved the developing of ¡§automatic Cushion Inserting ¡§ technical very successfully . Not only received Paten License for 15 years but also boomed in the market .
Yuhou got quality approval by Japan¡¦s company O-M in 1996 , then , further to build the relationship on both technical & marketing corporation .
Yuhou always has the high technical skills and hearty service to provide before ¡Vafter service all the time
· Packaging Machinery
· Filling Machinery
· Carton Erection Machine
· Cartoning machinery
· Capping machinery
· Palletizer machinery